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EXPERT SPELLER "knows" which word was intended because it was set up using real spelling errors, made by adults at computer keyboards. It is based on work done, at Bradford University by Dr Dave Fawthrop, and described in "The rules of spelling errors" and "An Intelligent Spelling Error Corrector", Information Processing and Management, Vol. 19, No 2 1983.

C source code

All programs are supplied as C source code for ease of incorporation into your application.

Optional dictionary size

The English Dictionary size is optional from 40,000 to 250,000 words. While for marketing reasons a very large dictionary is a definite plus. However these contain many words which are almost never used in text. The confuse users, by presenting them with obscure words. Both whether and weather are often misspelled. If "wether" an obsolete word for a castrated male sheep is in the dictionary, it is a definite minus.

Dictionary making utilities supplied

Various dictionaries are constructed for maximum correction speed by using hash codes which put all words which may have been intended in a few specific places on the disk.

Very fast lookup of words

All correct words found in the document are transferred to a very fast hash bit dictionary in main memory.

English or American wordlist

There are only a few words which differ between English and American. Expert Speller will work with either or both English and American wordlists.

Other languages in development

We are actively developing Italian and Danish versions, and will develop other languages, depending on Market demand.

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